A panoramic view of a lakeside city surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests under a clear blue sky.


With the first day of spring creeping ever closer, signs of new life are appearing just below the frosty forest floor at Sage Water. Soon, vibrant green buds will bloom from the poplar trees above, and the sunny yellows of the aspen leaves will mingle with the evergreen pines. As the days grow longer, brighter, and warmer, there’s never been a better opportunity to explore what your life could be like at Sage Water.

Experience the calm of a master-planned community sheltered by mature trees of poplar, aspen, and pine. Sage Water provides a haven for those who crave the rejuvenation of a nature-inspired community. The surrounding preservation area ensures that life here will remain scenic and untouched for residents, wildlife, and the landscape itself.

Take a short stroll down to Frazer Lake, where cattails and waterlilies sway gently in the warm breeze. Savor the sounds of singing birds on a welcoming bench or dockside chair, knowing you’ll always have a peaceful escape just moments from your front door.

Explore the local trail networks, perfect for heart-racing morning runs or leisurely evening strolls. Join your neighbours along a familiar route, or venture with the dogs onto a path not yet taken. With several look out points, and trail connections to the existing pathways of the Upper Mission, there’s no telling where your adventures may take you.
Book a tour today and find out firsthand why Sage Water is the ideal place to call “home” for those looking to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle to the fullest.

Discovery Centre – #17, 796 Kuipers Crescent, Kelowna

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